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SMPC's Tipz and Trickz Page!

Welcome to SMPC's Tipz and Trickz page! Here I have collected some well known petz factz and "trickz" (codez) along with a few of my own! Send in your own tipz or trickz to and I will post them for the world to view! Well here they are, I hope these are helpful:

Hey here is a tip for all those people that are having problems with that tennis ball and the sunflower seeds:

  • Everyone has had a big problem with PFM's tennis ball and sunflower seeds -- today surfing the net, I found the cure -- check Anso's page to find the answer! The adress is:

  • Don't start your Petz game unless you have time to take care of all of your petz! Neglection is the main cause of runawayz in the Petz World today! here are some wayz to avoid neglection:

    --If you suddenly have to turn off your Petz game, and you haven't played with all of your petz, take all of them out and put them way quickly. This way they at least came out, even if it was only for a second.
    --When you first start Petz, before you play with them, take them all out one or two at a time and feed them, then put them away whe they are done eating. This way, if you have to turn it off suddenly, they all will have at least come out to eat.

  • Another main cause for neglection is too many petz! Here are some tipz for all those people like me who like having TONZ of furry friendz!
    So, you have too many petz, but you don't want to give them up? Here is something you can do:

    (1) The first step is to make "petz groupz" of 10 or 15 petz (or less, if you don't have THAT many). Name each group so that you can easily tell the difference. (i.e. Tanner's Group, Baby Group, etc)

    (2) Once you have a list of what petz are in what groupz, you need to make some new folderz. First go to your C: drive and then go to the Windows folder. Then right click in an empty space and create a new folder. Name this folder "keep" or "petz" or anything you like. (In these instructions I will refer to it as a keep folder) Inside the folder create new folders that have the namez of your petz groupz.

    (3) Now create a schedule that says in which order your petz groupz will rotate and change every week.(You can keep this schedule on the desktop or in the keep folder if you like) Here is a sample schedule for you to look at:

    May 17: Caleb's Group
    May 24: Hunter's Group
    May 31: Baby Group

    Now you only have a few petz to take care of each week! As you get more petz, you can update your groupz by switching petz and re-arranging things and you can also make new petz groupz. However, it might be a good idea to try and give away some of those new babiez! (You can even send them to the adoption center here at JPC) This system works great for me, and I have about 60 petz!

  • Petz that won't eat!

    This is a common problem for hundreds of petz ownerz. There are a lot of well known suggestionz out there, and I have posted a few of the ones that seem to work the best:

    -- Try moistening your petz food with the spray bottle or the watering can
    -- Try putting your petz food on a pillow
    -- Have your petz eat alone in the playpen with no toyz around to distract them
    -- Reward your petz who don't eat often with a treat or some petting every time they take a bite, eventually they should eat with no encouragement
    -- If worse comes to worst, try letting them have turkey leftoverz, cheese, carrots, pr even treatz, its better than nothing! Also, try letting them drink from the bottle, it at least gives them some nourishment

    I have a special problem with my petz, if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it! Here's the problem: None of my petz will drink any water! I can't get them to drink ever! I have tried everything I could think of, if you know of anyway to get them to drink, please email me at

    Here's an answer somebody sent in! Thank you Lemur!

    I know why your Petz won't drink any water! My Petz have the same problem also. The reason why is because they aren't getting enough excercise. When Petz excercise for around 15-20 minutes, they then drink water (and never stop!!). But it doesn't really matter if they drink or not. No pet will really drink if you show a water bowl to them, only if they're panting and tired after excercising the will. Hope this helps!!!

  • Petz Trickz!

    How to Get Multi Babiez: This is well known, but here you go! If anyone knows any other fun trickz, please email me! Here is how to get multiple babiez! For identical twinz, tripletz, etc, make as many copies of the mother as extra babiez you want. In other words, if you want twinz, make one copy, (thatz one more baby then there normally would be) Name the new mother something like there original name with a number on it, then they will both have the exact same baby! For fraternal twinz, make a copy of the non-pregnant mother, and have both petz breed with the same father, this way you will have twinz, but they won't be exactly alike!

    How to speed the aging process:

    Got a pet that you want to grow up soon so you can breed it? Or a pregnant Petz that you want to give birth? Here's what you do:

    1) Open Petz 3 and play with all your petz.
    2) Close Petz 3, and change the date (go to the clock in the bottom right corner and right click)
    3) Open Petz 3 and play with your petz.
    4) Repeat process.
    5) WARNING: Always be careful to change your computer back to the original date when you are done.

    Thanks to PepsiCola for this trick!

    Here's another one that was sent in:
    Fuzzy Feet: A trick to get white fuzzy feet:first,if you dont have the santa suit download it if you do then put on the pants and shirt then put on the white socks take everything off then...taadaa the only way to it off is to get off and back on(only for petz 3 catz)

    Here's a fun tip sent in by Dixie:

    Take your petz to the beach put on "bathing suits" and put them in the water with the music on and see if they dance or "swim" in the water.

    A useful stuck pregnancy tip from Sharlene:

    I would suggest that before you work with the stuck pregnancy, that you first right click on start, go to Program Files/PfMagic/Petz 3 and create a new folder naming it something like extra or misc. Put ALL you pets in it Except the pregnant one and the father. Then go to your petz 3 and change the clock to make her have the baby. If you do this, then it saves you from having any "run away" petz.

    Some luuuvv secrets sent in by email: I found out something very interesting! If u have 2 dogs and they don't even seem interested in eachother and this is the seconde day of being an adult take them to the "Toy Closet" and bring out 2 satin pillows. Then give them each 1 candy luvs and sit back and watch! They will fall in love!!! they must be 2 days age adults!!!!!

    Here's an intersting tip that might help prevent neglect:
    If you take a pet (any gender) put it in a place only have one pet out, wait till a pet whines at the door and let it out keep doing this till all the pets that want out are out. This tells you which ones have not been let out and want out!!!!!

    Here's a pregnancy tip sent in by Danielle:
    I know a better way to make a preagant dog have a puppy with out having to keep going out of the Dogz program !!!You just take the mom dog and put her away (dont go out of the game) and then go to the clock and move the year up 3 years click apply and ok then take the dog out and she will have the puppy!!!

    Here's a tip sent in by my good friend Kaz:

    ~If you want your catz to breed, get out some heart pillows and the menorah and some catnip!! believe it or not, the catnip makes them go crazy for each other!

    ~If you want healthy show catz, here is the great diet for them!

    * Milk (preferbly 3 bottles per day)
    * Carrots (a lot per day)
    * Cat food (preferbly 2 bowls per day)

    Visit her site at : BLUE WILLOW

    Thats it for my Tipz and Trickz! For more, visit Petz 3 Palace Mall at the link page!

    Guess what? People checked out Janei's Tipz!