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Petz Fun Page!

Welcome to the Petz Fun Page! Here I have lots of fun things to do with your petz! Some of these ideas are based on things I got fromother web sites and some of them I thought up on my own! If you happened to have one of these same ideas, don't get mad at me please! Remember, great minds think alike! :o) Thank you and here are the ideaz! (Newest ideas found at the bottom!)

Give your Petz a 4th of July Blast!

Put a fourth of July background in the playpen and on the desktop. Get out lots of paint cans and select red white and blue for the colors. Get out some bubble makers, auto balls, duo balls, and turkey leftovers. Then put them all over the playpen and desktop in any division you choose. Take out the music box and play some party music for your petz. Lay the blue and white pillows out for your petz to crash on. Then get out the red catz food bowl and the blue dogz food bowl and put them in the playpen or the desktop. You can even paint your petz red white and blue yourself, or you can just let them loose near those paint cans. Now let your petz run a muck! You can personalize this with your own ideas and fun stuff! Maybe you can even invite your friends petz over for the party!

Take your petz out for a night on the Town!

Put a night background out on your desktop, or something like Disco. Bring out some toys like the bubble maker, the music box, and the auto ball. Bring out Turkey Leftovers as a fancy dinner and the menorah for some candelight. Then bring out some catnip and the paint cans in lots of colors, place them all around the desktop area. Then bring out two of your petz (male and female if your looking for romance) and dress them in their best. Take them to the desktop and let them party the night away!

Have a Beach Party!

Dress your petz in thier Beach clothes: Guys, clown pants for swimming trunks sunglasses and baseball cap for the sun Gals: Hawaiin Shirt and sunglasses with the flower hat to keep out of the sun. Pack a wicker basket with a snack, cat and/or dog food, cheese (if your petz eat it) Catnip, and some beach toys! Bring the music box so your petz can dance! Bring 'em to the beach and let them have a blast!

Auto Ball Bonanza!

Get out the wicker basket or the surprise box. Fill it with TONS of auto balls! Make sure your shelf is full except one space and put the box or basket there. The auto balls come flying out for a high speed chase! Do not do this activity with Orange Shorthairs or other petz that might be afraid.

Celebrate Special Occasions with your Petz!
On a special day, your b-day, a petz b-day, Easter Christmas, Hannukah, New Years, Halloween, (Whatever!) You can have a special day with your petz. Decorate the house with things that go along with the holiday! Let them party with catnip and treatz. Dress petz up for halloween, give them a basket on Easter, and surpise boxes for Christmas! You can let them "hunt" for "easter eggs" on Easter! Take them out to the back yard along with 2 baskets a box of treats and lots of duo, star, jingle and yarnballs. "Hide" them in the garden on the fence in the lawnor in the tree. You pet can "find" them whenever s/he moves them, or looks right at them. Put the "egg" in their basket and give whoever "finds" the most a treat! think of your own special ways to celebrate!

Petz School!

Make your own Petz School! Teach petz the basics of doing trickz, playing fetch and catching frisbees! You can even make different backgrounds for each "classroom." Try the dektop as a gym! This works great with young puppiez!

Create a Petz Amusment Park!

**Roller Coaster** First, take out the basket and put two petz in it. Then lift the basket and move it around, not too violently or too quickly, but enough to enjoy the ride.

**Face Painting** Fill your supply shelf with paint cans and empty them in the playpen. Do this about 3 or 4, maybe 5 times. Then take out the brushes, making sure that the colors are randomly selected for each brush. Then, let your petz out and take out maybe 2 auto balls. Have them run around and get theirselves painted. If you don't like this, just restore original colors.

**Tunnel Of Love** Put a dark wallpaper in the playpen, like the fireworks. Fill your toy shelf with heart pillows and empty them into the playpen. Do this a LOT, try to get almost the ENTIRE playpen filled with heart pillows. Then, put 2 heart treats in the center of the playpen. Get 4 love potions and put one in each corner of the playpen. Do the same with perfume. Then take out two petz (Don't be stupid, make it a boy and a girl), dogz or catz (and don't bring a dogz and a catz). Let them runs around for about 2 minutes.

**WARNING: You may experience breeding during this! Take out puppiez or kittenz if you don't want breeding!**

**Snacks** Take out a petz and have them eat the Thansgiving dinner but SAVE THE EMPTY PLATE! Go to the beach and puts a bone treat, chicken trest, meat treat and heart treat onto the empty plate. For catz, put 3 fish treatz and a heart treat. And then bring out your petz to eat them.

And that's the amusement park. I had fun with this game back in Petz II and I think you'll enjoy it too =)

Thanks to ~Ti-Boz for this!

Here's a little Halloween Fun tip sent it to us! (Okay it's a little late, but hey! Plan for next year!)

For Halloween,dress up each of your petz in a different costume(hippie,bunny,witch,etc.)Take out the treat boxes and put TONS of treats in each playscene.Then take your petz trick or treating 2 by 2 to each playscene and let them eat as many treats as they like!

Sounds cute to me! Thanks for sending this in!

Here is a petz sleepover idea sent in by Lauren and Cookie:

I know a cool way to have fun with your petz: a Slumber Party! What you need to do is this-
1.Get loads of pillows from the toybox and fill the room with them (you can use
any kind).
2.Take out your Petz and put some pyjamas on them.If you have Petz 2, no
problemo!Paint-on pyjamas really look cool, however, it doesn't work with
3.Give your girl Petz (and boys who don't mind) a makeover!Leave some paint out
and/or give them a good brushing with the brush.
4.Leave out some leftovers and/or treatz out so they can have a midnight feast!
5.Bring out the Music Box so the Petz can show off their dance moves or lull 'em
to sleep!
6.Give 'em some cuddly toyz to snuggle up to when bedtime comes (if it ever

Cookie's Comment:
Me and my pal, Purdelia went to a sleepover.Boy was it fun!!!!!Of course,
needless to say, I fell asleep while Purdelia partied all night!She was preety
crancky in the morning, though.

Here is a fun petz birthday party idea sent into us:

Hey I have the best way to have a brithday party with your pets.This can work
with any petz game.And it`s so cute.Now here is the best party.Get out as
many pets as you can or have I just have two.Then go and get there fav toyz
and snackz.If you have yu have petz 3 or 4 dress all your petz in they`er
best outfit.Then go to the play pen let all your petz play and play.But
newbrons mitgh get hurt so try to wait intill they`er older.Then let them eat
and eat.Give them lots of trearts.Let the brithday petz have a few more
trearts then the others.Now for the best part my puppy loves this part.Get
ready to give all your petz the best time all day.Let all your pets
showoff.Take as many pics as you like make sure you get every one.Now let
them sleep as long as they need to.Hope you like it.It may not be much but
your petz will like it.

Here is an addition to the Amusement Park:

Well,I was trying out the amusment park idea I think there should be a haunted house! What you do is have your playpen in a dark wallpaper(like "Stars").Then put in pictures of your petz in scary costumes in 8 brown or red frames.put the frames around the playpen.Have some pumpkin(not too many) around the playpen around as well as 2 Catnips so that it will make petz brave!2 pillows might help if they are scaried.Take your petz out and give them a scar!

*WARNING*~Do not take your petz out if they are scaried of everything.If your petz scaried of the haunted house when you try it,pat them on the head and give them a treat for being so brave!

Thanks to Jennifer for this idea!

~Christmas Magic~
(obviously for Chrimble)

On Christmas Eve, set out the Christmas scene, in the Family Room, by laying out a Christmas tree with the decorations - and with one menorah and two catnip on the fire place. Before you shut down the petz prog. for the night, put all your petz away and go into the playpen and do the following:
*Set out a nice Chrimble background
*Get out two present boxes and lay them EQUAL to each other (like a table)
*Put a menorah on top
*Put a Chrimble tree out etc etc
*Then, lay out pressie boxes out with a pressie inside

On Christmas day, show your petz the surprise, and dress them up as Santa and Rudolph. They'll adore the suprise!

Thanks to my friend Kaz for this cool idea!

Thats all for now! Email me at with comments, ideaz of your own or suggestions! Go to Petz Palace Mall at the linkz page for more fun petz ideas!


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