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SMPC's Petz Book Activity

This idea partially comes from the Petz 3 Project at the Petz 3 Palace Mall. However, it is also my idea, I like to make "books" of almost all my hobbies and games. Well here is what you do:

  • First you will need a binder, preferably one with a clear view cover, so that you can make a special cover of your own.
  • Now you can make a Petz Manual! All you have to do is go to the Petz Help section and print out all the topicz you want in your manual. Then you make a cover for it and put it in your binder. Wala! One section done. (The cover for the manual is not the cover for your whole book)
  • Now you can make a section about your petz! Make one sheet for each petz (less than a page if you have a lot like me!) You can include whatever you want: Petz name, petz breed, adoption/birth date, petz age, commentz/bio, friendz, or anythineg else you want. THen put a pic of the pet on your page, and put this in your binder.
  • You can also include Newzletterz, petzpix, fun pages, special memoirz, and anything else you like!

    This is a really cool and fun project that you can build on and personalize for your own intrests and needs. I did this, and it was a lot of fun! It helps you be organized with your petz!

    Other Fun Things to put in your book!
  • Petzpix! This is a great thing to do with all those pictures! Paste all your petzpix onto one page in a kind of caloge, then print them out and put them in your binder.
  • Awards your petz have won in showz (or anything you have won for your site) are fun things to put in your book.
  • Use paper protectors to make your petz book extra nice!
  • Make a final cover for your book if you have a clear front to your binder! Make a title and use some of your petzpix!
  • Dedicate your petz book to a lost petz, or something nice like that, and include a little message to them.

    That wraps up the petz book activity! Try it yourself!